"I've tried other apps for this purpose, I do like to organize, I do, but none are as simple and elegant as this one. I mean, look how pretty. And functional! It was designed by a sewist, for sewists. You snap a pic of your fabric, add a host of information (as little or as much as you want), lather, rinse, repeat. (Speaking of lather, there's a toggle button for 'pre-washed'. LOVE IT.)"

"I am not normally one for digital filing – but this is INCREDIBLY useful when you're fabric (or pattern) shopping and can't remember what you have or if you need to buy more yardage of something. I have been sharing this app with everyone..."

"First up, Cora is SUPER easy to use, barely any investment in time was required to get it up and running even though I'm in no way an avid app collector or user. And secondly, I have genuinely found it to be awesome in a number of ways."

"If I am really excited about something I tend to tell everyone. So know I'm not posting this review for any other reason than it's something I wanted, now it exists and it makes my life easier – so I figured it could make your life easier too."

"What makes this app super useful though, is the filtering. There are loads of ways to filter your stash, such as knit, woven, prewashed or minimum length. You can also sort the list by length, nickname, price etc. Finally, there is a search function, which will search on any field."

"Sort of like cataloguing for dressmakers – librarian by occupation, librarian by nature. Anyway, it’s awesome! All you need to know about your stash on your phone to carry around at all times. Great stuff."

"I must state I have no affiliation with the maker, I just think it’s brilliant! The only problem I have is the urge to buy more fabric just so I have something new to add, like the fabric equivalent of Pokemon Go."

"I very, very rarely pay for apps because I like to spend my money on fabric instead ;), so I have to really like it before I part with cash...All in all, this is a great little app."

"Cora is an intuitive little app focused solely on making your stash portable and sortable."