Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected by the Cora iOS application. This website does not collect any user information, does not use cookies and does not have analytics.

Collected information

The Cora application saves all user data locally on the user’s phone. No data is sent to any server.

Cora does collect aggregate, anonymous information about application usage using standard analytics tools. For example, the percentage of users who use different features are used to improve the application. There is no way to trace that information back to a specific user. Cora also sends crash reports which do not contain user information to a crash reporting service. Aggregate information and crash reports are not shared with anyone outside of the Cora team and is encrypted when transmitted from user devices.

By using the Cora application, you consent to this privacy policy.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact

Policy changes

  • 2019-03-26: First published